Just received a FAX document?

Here is another example of another junk email purporting to be legitimate.

What is deceiving about this one? Firstly, OneDrive isn’t going to be sending you a fax. You’d expect that this will be something coming from your business email address, and not a random email account as shown in the image. Usually, I would tell people to hover their mouse cursor over the link in the email (“Click Here to view Fax Document”).

When you hover over the link in this email, you will notice the link is going to a sendgrid URL, which is a legitimate service. But, even the bad people use legitimate services to deliver a payload. The other oddity is the fact that the other three links (click here, Privacy and Legal) just simply don’t work.

If you do happen to click on the link, sendgrid is pretty quick to remove these from their services, after all, you don’t want to taint your reputation. Even though this email came in only about 20 minutes ago, they have already removed the link

As always, if you are unsure of the sender or the content, the safest bet is to delete the email.

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